Attorney Profile

Stephanie Ko

Attorney at law

Founder of the Law Office of Stephanie Ko, PS

Stephanie Ko graduated from Seattle University School of Law.  She left the Boeing Company in 1999 to start her own practice.  Her practice is focused in three areas of law: business, estate planning and immigration.  She finds that helping clients to fulfill their dreams is very rewarding.   Making a difference one person at a time is what motivates Stephanie. 

As an immigrant herself, she knows exactly what her immigration clients go through during the slow immigration process.  In her twenty years record as an immigration attorney, she has never had one single case denied by the Citizenship and Immigration Services.  She even got the all time record of having Citizenship and Immigration Services approved her intra-company case in three days.

Stephanie strategically selects these three areas of law as foreign investors need help in all these three areas.   Stephanie was the past president of the International Practice Session of the Washington State Bar Association and served in its executive committee for over five years.   In that capacity, she helped hosting annual receptions for hundreds of foreign lawyers during their study at the University of Washington’s LLM program. 

Stephanie is the past President of the Seattle International Rotary and served on its Board of Directors for over six years.  She is very active in non-profit organizations helping the disabled and strengthening the bond between human and service dogs.   She also served on the Executive Board of Directors of the World Trade Club, promoting the international transfer of goods, services and entrepreneurs.

Before joining Boeing, Stephanie was a diplomat and special assistant to the Chinese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific for over three years.  She was also the instructor of Atenisi University, Kingdom of Tonga.  She developed the Environmental Science curriculum for the university. 

Before getting her Juris Doctor degree, Stephanie has a BA in Chemistry and MA degree in Environmental Administration.   With the scientific background, it will be very convenient for Stephanie to practice Environmental Law; however she likes to challenge herself and practices in totally new areas so she can work at a much more personal level with her clients.  Stephanie strives for excellence in service and meaning in life, not convenience.

Stephanie reads and writes Chinese.  She speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese.

Stephanie loves hiking in the canyons of Utah.  She and her husband are volunteer puppy trainers for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  She is the Past Finance Chair of the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.  She helps friends with finding the right match during dog adoptions.  She loves to help end homeless pets.