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Non-Profit Organizations

Since 1999 we have helped families and individuals set up non-profit organizations, both public and private foundations.  We consider this the most rewarding area of our practice, because in return many people will benefit from the operation of these new foundations.

We not only help set up of the public and private foundations, we also help with the operation and administration of the foundations.  We help apply for tax exempt status and give leaders of the executive team practical guidance regarding planning and operational strategies, compliance issues, risk management, non-profit corporate finance record keeping and fundraising guidelines.  We also help with administration of the foundation, such as: preparation of corporate minutes and resolutions; so leaders of the non-profit can operate with confidence and focus on the mission of the foundation.

If you would like to explore setting up a public or private foundation, or need a consultation with an experienced attorney regarding planning and operational strategies of your non-profit, please set up an appointment with us.  We work with both large and small foundations.