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Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a government program that pays for medical services including nursing home care.  It is administered by Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

Rules governing eligibility for Medicaid are complicated and are constantly being updated.  Before taking steps that you do not understand how it impacts your Medicaid eligibility, please be sure to get legal advice.  Only attorney who is familiar with Medicaid rules and regulations can review your situation and explain your options so you can strategize and plan ahead.  Call us to schedule an appointment.

To get Medicaid for medical services or nursing home care, important factors that you need to know are as follows:

  • What is Medicaid? and what does it cover?
  • Who is eligible for Medicaid?
  • What are the financial requirements?
  • What is considered income and resources?
  • Any resources are not counted to determine Medicaid eligibility?
  • What income can I keep if my spouse goes into a nursing home?
  • What resources can we have when my spouse applies for Medicaid?
  • What resources can we have when my spouse receives Medicaid?
  • Can I give my home to my spouse, disabled child or other family members? 
  • Will gifting affect my Medicaid application or current status of my Medicaid?
  • Can I sell my home before applying for Medicaid? 
  • What kind of transfer will cause Medicaid ineligibility or penalty?
  • What kind of penalty would I have to be aware of?
  • Will the government, DSHS, file a lien or claim against my estate?
  • Will my spouse or children have to sell the house immediately after my death to pay the lien?