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Charitable Giving

Many families like to donate to charitable organizations that have made an impact in their lives; such as their churches, universities, hospitals, organizations for medical research, organizations providing service animals, and animal shelters etc.  There are other considerations in addition to identifying the recipient charitable organization; such as the method of charitable giving and the timing of charitable giving.  

There are many methods of charitable giving, such as charitable bequests; gifts of stocks and bonds, real estate, retirement assets, and gift of insurance; also life income gifts, such as charitable gift annuity, charitable unitrust, charitable annuity trust, and sale and unitrust.  We help potential donors explore options of charitable giving to find out which method may work best in their financial and estate planning. 

We also help potential donors understand the timing of the donation and their tax implications; such as, giving during their life time versus donating part of their estate.  Depending on the age, income level and size of the estate, potential donors can determine which timing may help them get the most tax benefits.

We also help charitable organizations understand: their roles and responsibilities when serving as trustee of a charitable trust; the probate process when designated as a beneficiary under a Will, Living Trust or Transfer on Death Deed; and the various options available to potential donors regarding charitable gift and estate planning.