Practice Areas

From a central law firm location in Bellevue, the Law Office of Stephanie Ko provides seasoned legal advice and guidance to clients in matters of Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Business Immgration, and Business Planning. We serve individuals, families and small to mid-sized business throughout the greater Seattle area.  We also provide immigration services to clients worldwide.

Asset Protection, Risk Management and Tax Planning

Asset protection is not tax evasion, and it is not hiding assets. 

Asset protection is keeping what you earned legally through strategic tax planning and business structure, accurate record keeping, utilize maximum tax deductions available and risk management. 

Laws change constantly, and lawsuits are being filed everyday.  You do not need to do anything wrong to be subject to a law suit.  Only by working with professionals who focus in these areas can you use the power of knowledge to your advantage, have a peace of mind and enjoy life.

Business Immigration
Immigration for Investors and Entrepreneurs
Investors may qualify to obtain green cards through investment of $1million dollars or less, depending on various factors, such as investing in a completely new enterprise, existing enterprise, troubled enterprise, or an economic development project of a regional center.


Employment Visas for Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors

Treaty trader work for a U.S. company

If you are a citizen of a treaty country, you may be eligible to work in the U.S. based on E-1 or E-2 visa. 

Treaty trader work for a U.S. company that has more than 50% of its trade is between U.S. and the treaty country. 

Treaty Investor may work in the U.S. if the U.S. company is invested by citizens of the treaty country. 

Business Structure & Tax Planning

We regularly provide ongoing counsel to corporations and business of all sizes without in-house counsel, We provide guidance for issues related to business start up, choice of business entity: Limited Liability Company, C-corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership, strategic business structure for tax planning and limit liability, business agreements of all types, such as purchase and sale agreements, commercial leases, and ongoing assistance with contract review, and all other basic business law needs.

Family Law

Different areas of law are related to each other.  For example: prenuptial agreement is a tool for asset protection as well as estate planning.  

In family law, we focus on serving clients in the preparation of prenuptial agreements. We help clients understand the purpose of prenuptial agreements and how it may help them in protecting their assets in case of a divorce or death.  

The second major area of service we provide under family law is divorce (marriage dissolution). 

There are many important issues to sort out during this emotionally devastating time.  We explain to our clients the dissolution process and their legal rights, so they can make informed decisions and if possible, avoid costly court battles.  Couples with children will need to address parenting plan, custody, education and child support issues.  Couples divorce later in life will have a totally different focus.  They will need to address complicated issues of blended families, health care concerns, spousal support, and retirement planning.  

Estate Planning

We serve individuals and families through the use of wills, living trusts and related matters, to ensure that your valuable resources and hard-earned assets are distributed according to your wishes in the most efficient and expedited manner possible. 

Probate Administration
We assist and represent the executor of estates or the estate administrator with the probate process, helping navigate probate law in order to avoid costly mistakes, probate litigation, personal liability and delays in the distribution of the probate estate.

Non-profit Organizations

We help clients with the formation of non-profit organizations, name selection, structure; applying for tax exempt status; risk management for the non-profit organization and its Board members, staff and volunteers; understand the law of non-profits; record keeping and reporting requirements; issues related to budget, and fund raising etc.